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Continued Education For Age Verification…

We (IDology) released a whitepaper on electronic age verification this week titled Doing the Right Thing: How Electronic Age Verification Protects Kids Online. (Preview a few pages here.)

If you want to know more about the emerging trends in the age verification market and how these solutions work, check it out.


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Hot off the MySpace Press

Just this week, MySpace issued news about deploying a technology solution to identify and block convicted sex offenders within the next 30 days.

Once again, Anick Jesdanun of the Associated Press, covers the MySpace age verification issue in this article published yesterday. You can read what Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has to say about it as well, which basically boils down to believing this effort is ineffective in the absence of an age and identity verification system.

Thanks Blumenthal. I couldn’t agree more. It’s very evident that an age verification system is needed to support the efforts social networks are making.

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Brewing Interest in Age Verification…

I apologize for not having made a post in awhile but lately I’ve been really busy.

It seems things are really cooking in the age verification space which is exciting to see! Not sure if you saw the announcement from Anheuser-Busch a few weeks ago related to their upcoming launch but according to this article, they will use an age verification system before granting consumers access to BudTV as well as all their websites. I suspect that after the King of Beers takes the lead, other brewers will soon follow.

In other age verification related news, final arguments for both sides of the high profile case concerning the implementation of the Child Online Protection Act (COPA) have concluded. This act requires age verification of adults accessing internet material that is deemed harmful to minors. I served as an expert witness for the Department of Justice on this case which was remanded from the Supreme Court to the district court in Philadelphia. A ruling is expected early next year so I’ll keep you posted on the outcome.

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