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Yesterday I attended the Technology Association of Georgia’s Annual Summit. Based on the presentations I saw and the number of attendees at the event, I’d say Georgia’s technology community is alive and well. And especially here at IDology, since we were named one of the Top 10 Innovative Companies of Georgia during the event!

The keynote speaker was Chris Anderson, the editor of Wired Magazine and author of “The Long Tail. A few comments in his speech struck me. First is the concept of not limiting choice, but measuring it. To me, this is what Identity 2.0 is all about for businesses– it’s not limiting the choice consumers have but rather measuring (and adapting to) what consumers are comfortable and willing to provide about themselves, given the activity being conducted. Also interesting were the “new scarcities” he defines for the new economy which are attention and reputation, where the past scarcities related to manufacturing and distribution. The currency of these new scarcities is traffic (attention) and links and page ranks (reputation)…of course, most anyone in marketing already knows the value of these scarcities so I’m not sure they are necessarily “new,” just a lot more important.

Admittedly, I haven’t read the book…yet. but I now have a copy which was free in exchange for turning in my name badge. It was the cherry on top to sum up the point of Chris’s whole speech — which discussed Carver Mead‘ s counterintuitive 1980 call to “waste transistors.” In this case Chris is “wasting books,” to create abundance, gain more attention and build his reputation.

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