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The Most Wonderful (time of the) Year for Online Retailers

The New York Times reports today that:

When the receipts are tallied from this holiday, American consumers will have spent around $29.5 billion at Internet shops, according to projections published by comScore, a market research firm.

And according to Bloomberg:

Online spending growth outpaced total U.S. retail gains. Internet purchases from Nov 1 through Dec 21 increased 19 percent from a year earlier to $26.3 billion, ComScore Inc. said on Dec. 23.

Bloomberg also reports that bricks and mortar retailers are still slashing prices in hopes of avoiding the worst holiday season since 2002.

In comparison, Amazon claims this was the “best season ever.” And while the actual numbers weren’t released, Amazon had some interesting facts to share about their sales that I found both in their press release and in this New York Post article:

  • The busiest day was Dec. 10, when customers ordered 5.4 million items – 62.5 per second.
  • The Nintendo Wii flew off the virtual shelves at a rate of 17 per second
  • It sold enough high-def DVD players to cover seven football fields; auto wrenches to stretch all the way around the Daytona 500 track; and Hannah Montana wigs to outfit the entire audience at her Dec 20 show in Providence, RI.
  • The top DVD stocking stuffers included “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” “Planet Earth: The Complete BBC Series,” and “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.”
  • Top books included “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert and “I am America (And So Can You)” by Stephen Colbert.

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    Internet Life Down Under Changing in ’08

    Come January 20, the Aussie’s will be following new government mandates for Internet content which require age verification for mature and adult-oriented material.

    Admittedly I’m not completely up to speed on the issues in Australia but this article says that:

    “Australia has long carried a reputation for having one of the most restrictive censorship protocols in the western world.”

    Whether you agree or not with their censorship practices, this decision is very interesting (and positive) for a few reasons. First, it shows that an infrastructure can be put into place that includes age verification to grant access to mature content. And also that the citizens of Australia have embraced the need to protect kids and can have a higher level of confidence in what their children have access to online.

    I’m curious to watch how this will progress and see if any other countries follow suit.

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    Putting A Face To Identity Theft

    What image comes to your mind when you think about identity thieves?

    I would guess it isn’t this couple:

    id couples


    Yet these young 20 something’s are suspected of crimes including ID Theft and forgery. You can read about it here and here.

    This story just goes to show that it isn’t only faceless criminals hiding behind computer screens that we need to protect ourselves from it’s also the Joneses living next door.

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